Business Services


Your IT investments should help your business grow and operate more efficiently. Thus acquiring and managing IT services should not put a burden on your budget.

Solid Systems Global - Business Services is an IT Enabled Service Provider, which is designed to cater all your needs under one roof. We call it the next Generation ITES/KPO/BPO line of services.

We execute projects by utilizing our onsite project management models validating and implementing business expertise across various supports.

We are equipped to handle OSP (Outsourced Service Providers), CSP (Customer Service Provider) and VMO (Vendor Management Organisation).

With our various outsourcing models our clients have seen a yield into CEEQ:


Cost Savings







Our approach to business process outsourcing is based on sound research, proven techniques, and solid data. With state of the art call center facilities manned and managed by seasoned professionals; provide a full spectrum of support services.

Integrated Knowledge and Business Process Services


Solid Systems Global Integrated KPO and BPO solutions are designed to assist customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Your return on investments is our top priority NOW and ALWAYS:

  • Improve customer services, increase end-user brand loyalty, and improve your customer retention.
  • Offer technology solutions to customers with no learning curve. Just adapt and implement.
  • Handle complete customer lifecycle.
  • In-house ERP/CRM implementation, allowing customisations up to business levels, thus giving you a plug and play atmosphere.
  • Performance management, which leads to transformation


    With our wider, but specific scorecard approach to performance management it allows us to keep the values of the business and drive continuous improvement by keeping a realistic business focus. This helps the service provider by showing greater clarity of customer perceptions, satisfaction and a clearer specification of business priorities.

    Change is good but we believe in transformation:

  • Provide clarity on customer perceptions and prioritise specification ensuring high performance is delivered.
  • Develop revenue for customers while providing high value performance.
  • Customized service level agreement to meet each of your requirements.
  • Analyze and address performance challenges using real time dashboards, interactive "what if" analysis, standard reporting and foretelling model.
  • In-house dedicated training and development to cater readiness across technical or non-technical skills.
  • A stringent quality management function that ensures industry and customer standards are maintained
  • One stop shop for all your needs


    To transform your business you would need a partner who brings all services under one roof.

    A partner who is big enough to matter and small enough to care:

  • A partner who can deliver efficiency across all verticals
  • A partner who can offer end to end support across:
  • Contact Centers
  • Back Office Processes
  • Technical and Non-Technical Solutions
  • A partner, which enables effective business continuity management with real time asset monitoring and in-house data centers.
  • A partner who understands intersection between business services and technology.
  • Cater for all


    With a strong build of IT enabled services, we cater the needs of our multiple customers in the UK, USA, Middle East and Asia.

    A wide range of technology and services we cater for:

  • With multiple experts, we support various lines of business, enabling us an edge to provide support in:
  • Multilingual Support
  • Voice and Non Voice based support
  • Front end and L2 Support/Service desk
  • Network Operations Center with dedicated Monitoring desks
  • Asset & Alert monitoring units
  • With our Integrated applications and contact center support, we have enabled our reach to various industries and allow customisation from business processes to dedicated SLA managed response, a few industries are:
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Automobiles
  • Banking & Finance